Technologies: AROS: Rant: Are we entitled to develop tinker and play with the Hobby OS we like?

(brief, a bit OT but effective)

Not the first time that i take this topic, but there are people out there that think about the involvement with AROS community and about tinkering with AROS as, in the order: useless, time wasting and even harmful in some cases.

Considered that am not working on any plan to overturn the world or that am not doing any active damage or boycot, i wonder why some people feel entitled to tell others what to do and how to do it, but most importantly i wonder: can I do what i like? Or better: can I use an OS that i feel more suitable for my style of computing and also try to improve it, find a way to integrate it in my hobbies and when possible in my work life, spread and endorse my experience despite its known shortcomings?

The answer might be. from an idealistic side, an obvious yes; however, despite this there is people out there that feels that sometihng like tihs is an insult or similar to that; non  uncommonly, same people profess that other solutions promote freedom.... isn't that ironic?

Well, i know this blog is mostly dead but like opinions on it.

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