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10 dicembre 2010
Technologies: AROS: the backfire AROS haters, the "you're wasting your time" people and similar fauna...
Wanna keep it short and to the point this time.

Well, i still try to convince people to try AROS when life/wife/work does not go in the middle, but sometimes things have backfired on me; take in example some of the former Powder developers; some of them now are linux users and even involved in LUGs; the other graphic artist of the project is working on an iPhone Beach Marble Racing game;
OK, i don't expect them to drop everything and love AROS at first sight :P but, at least, give it a look: maybe the "feeling at home" sensation that entangled me might have effect on them too - and if they help in fixing stuff even better ;) - problem is that for them AROS has no sense: no practical sense; to repeat and translate the answer of one of those guys came out from a chat: "AROS is the answer to problems nobody has anymore", and he told me to use better my time since he consider this project useless.

The other ugly side of the fauna are the AROS haters; those people might be linked either to one of the remaining other three factions of the actual Amiga community,and they do not like AROS, they are not even satisfied of the recent progresses happening with the Kickstart Integration Bounties; AROS is not 'pure', is not 'holy coming from Commodore', does not have the Amiga name and - sacrilege! - it is open! Anybody can work on it and taint the code....

well, let me say those things to them: first of all the hobby is mine, i like AROS and like to meddle with it; i think it can evolve nicely and - despite the old school still insists on the 3.1 goal - i hope that once reached something similar to the version 1.0 new API and improvements will happen following the experiments of Michal Schulz on 64 bit and of Pavel 'Sonic' Fedic on the ongoing IOS hosted Port; and also hope that apps like the new Video Editor funded once again from Steve Jones will bring more users to it (and also to the other Amiga flavors of course);

second, lets be honest: right now AROS is the best chance for a modern and updated Amiga-like OS to run in old hardware and, once the bounty will be finished, to be used for homebrew projects that aim in recreating Amiga technology, such as Natami or Minimig, without the need to seek for external licenses. Probably right now AROS is a bit too heavy for original classic hardware - excluded 040/060 with RTG graphic cards - but optimisation is something will likely happen in future: there are still three months before the bounty deadline and, seen the results so far, i expect great improvements.
That is also the reason for Jason McMullan to come out with a further bounty proposal to create a "lite" version of Wanderer to be included in the 68k AROS ROM image; Toni is also working on the DOS packets and in the BCPL interpretation for the old 1.3 apps.



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