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1 maggio 2010
Tecnologie: AROS: AROS nightly for SAM and other news...
*new article in progress: come back often to check upgrades!*

May started today and, despite you see this article right now on line, i can assure you the stubs were here for a while, at least since the begin of april, while i was writing the "kitty on a stick" one; is good being again at work and then dedicate to the advocacy as hobby, people ends enjoying more the time that can spend on it.

April brought the second best good new of 2010: since April 14 AROS nightly builds are also available for SAM-440; this confirms AROS attitude in being a cross-platform Operating system; since Michal Schulz is still working also on the EFIKA port from last year, and when possible (due to its busy schedule with work and family) posts status updates so if you have an EFIKA and still are curious to test/develop on AROS, just hold tight because things looks good :)

[kalamatee fixes recursive self-copy bug, leave out/put away and starts list view]
Lately even Nik "Kalamatee" Andrews had finally time to work again on Wanderer: first he has been able to fix the infamous "self-copy bug" where dragging by mistake a folder on itself resulted in recursive copy of the folder inside itself,and inside itself and so on; plus, this is a fresh update, even the "leave out/put away" functions are finally implemented; it was possible to keep icons on the desktop editing the .backdrop file in the root folder, but now this should be no longer needed (and this also ends my idea of doing a zulu editor for the .backldrop file; well, guess is time to follow paolone's advice and start to build the GRUB config editor...)  - and, in the same aros-exec topic Kalamatee shown the first preview of the long-awaited list view for wanderer windows.

[how the fixed dopus works for me]
So last month Neil Cafferkey bundled the revised dopus code

[further contributions: a new brochure and oldschool pointers]
And, when possible

Quite curiously am able to show both the brochure and the pointer in the same screenshot :P

[Aros Broadway the Regina Rexx problems on AMC development]
Pascal "PhoenixKonsole" Papara is proceeding in the launch of its own ARES one machine; the route that he took to make it more interesting is to fully exploit the power of AROS of being open source and with a commercial-friendly license among its efforts we already know the contribution he made funding the port of Cinnamon Writer [link] to AROS, and now commissioning Fabio "Allanon" Falcucci some custom-made utilities for its own coming soon AROS distribution called Broadway.

From the same words written by PhoenixKonsole on the dedicated website, Broadway is "simple, elegant and f****** fast", and provides a personalised icon theme in black, the "black ice" window skin for the workbench and a probably provvisional but  matching wallpaper; in the software section we have  a nice work made by Allanon; the AMP or AROS Media Cenbter. Built using Hollywood, provides a  unique interface for the functions of audio and video player via AREXX interfacing with mplayer and arosAMP; this application will come out soon also for other Amiga OSes and, quite disappointingly, not yet for AROS due to a bug in AROS rexx implementation that prevent the integration between the media center and mplayer; instead, a so called "lite" version of AMC will be bundled that shows most of the features already working.

[picture of aros broadway and AMC here]

Pavel "Sonic" Fedic is still tinkering on modifying the Graphics.library of AROS; its personal purpose is to support multiple display ports, and in order to make this he made several changes to the graphics.library; those changes are quite strong and, together with the hopefully coming soon ABI v1.1, might force some developers to retouch and recompile some applications.
The work of Pavel has already brought us AROS windows hosted, the interactive pointer, screen dragging (for now on window hosted, hopefully soon everywhere) and an acceleration of the graphics subsystem; it is also idea of Pavel, in order to implement multiple displays, to have the chance of running several drivers at once,maybe even in different monitors; problem is that heis working on PPC hosted on Pegasos and he cannot test properly by itself the changes on native;

[AROS can read catweasel disks]
Among the AROS users we indeed have a good number of die-hard amigans (including myself) that found via AROS a way to revive their Amiga experience; Steve Jones contributed also in bringing drivers for the Catweasel to AROS; for who does not know, the Catweasel is a PCI controller that allows to drive amiga floppy drives making them readable from PCs and moder n devices; Steve posted a video on youtube where he shows how easy has become,also with the help of Amibridge and Janus-UAE, to launch games, applications and documents straight from the old Amiga floppies

[Michal and Cluster GMA driver and the new Silent iMica]
In order still to give the best user experience on its iMica machines, Steve jones commissioned to Michal Schulz a driver for the Intel GMA 945 cards

[ncafferkey repaired fat.handler]

[deadwood working in nouveau]

[ports from yannick: rdesktop and amifig]


[how to make AROS a success - topic on a-e]

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