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15 aprile 2008
Diary: Technologies: AROS: some more or less friendly constatations
[This article translated in a latter time]
Originally published in April 15,2008

I don't know about you all, but personally i admit ot be a bit of idealist, maybe even some more than a bit...

Especially for what I think should be my idea about the fact that there should exist free or low cost software resources for hobbyist and small enterprise usage, able to offer an adequate formation and professional results, once known how and where to put the hands in.

And am an idealist also when i find myself i supporting open source operating systems, such as
AROS, ReactOS, Haiku and Linux hoping in future to have free desktop environments, that canbe used even in old hardware to make it be proficiently usable longer; to better understand iths keep in mind a larger picture, not just the average consumer of the western developed countries: we still have more than half the planet without decent if any informatic infrastructure (and even without more basic infrastrctures such as water, roads,etc), and even at a local level for low income people that need to use a computer, nowadays almost required; then the non-profit organisations, churches, parishes, schools, government agencies and starting-up professional with low budget: in all those fields the use of free operating systems helps to cut costs that, especially in my home country , are quite high.

So, while I admit that, since i belong to those people without a big wallet full of money, that have a bit of personal interest in it, and my conscience bother me that I should maybe donate a bit of money in some AROS bounties, while my wife makse me think how going out to dinner in some place more sophisticated than "el pollo loco" might be out of question...

Then, when i see articles like the one below, my mind start to take unexpected directions...

Blog of Helios - Return from the Mountain

This article comes from one of my favourite blogs: Helios is a determinated and convinced linux user and Evangelist (but still quite pragmaticand down to earth, not freetardish), involved also in humanytary efforts - such as provide refurbished linux installed PCs to low-income student kids - and who wrote nice articles on computing ignorance such as this.

But let's get straight to the point: in the article linked above, Helios is talking on how the Desktop Linux for the linux foundation - according at least from the Austin Convention where he was invited guest - or at least the consumer desktop linux is not a priority.

And, for somebody nivolved as him in evengelizing people on be aware about free alternatives on expensive proprietary OSes with serious security flaws when used on internet and that puts limitations in using programs, devices and the use itself of the computer (think iTunes and DRMs) is a bad hit.

So far the desktop linux is not yet ready for the average user - no mention a basic user - but,  among all  open osurce operating systems, is the closest one to be.

 Other systems, including my favourite AROS, have still a quite long way to go.

In the following days the situation was more defined: looks like the foundation prefer to use resources in the most economical rewarding sectors than in the much less remuneraring single desktop sector. Therefore any further innovation in the desktop environment will pass through the server/corporate where, unless somebody starts to put linux machines on employee's desks, desktop innovations are muich less necessary: usually linux admins use much more command lines than user interfaces, that is obvious.

So i thought: if AROS was not still a work in progress and had already some productivity software available, might have been a good occasion to introduce it as a new open source paradygm. But progress is slow, and AROS is taken on more as hobby than a real alternative, hoping that things change.

BTW, even Linux used to be like that in the beginning, but you see where is it now...




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