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26 febbraio 2011
Tecnologies: AROS: Live from SCALE at LAX Hilton, feb 25-27 2011
saturday 2/26:

h 11 am:
After set kinda up properly the machines - sort of; am having problems with the big DELL that shows the movie; my presentation movie is not finished yet and premiere keeps crashing; when it happens AROS soft resets but then the mouse (usb on a ps2 adaptor) does no longer work and have to reboot

h 2:31 pm:
an annoying bug is having place with the nvidia version of the driver and the screen dragging: sometimes the windows ends up in the wrong screen; it happened with mplayer and amifig opened in a different screen and partially dragged;

h 2.44 pm:
interesting that had given  away 20 live cds and am running out of the brochures; for the cds have some more to butn but am running out of sleeves so am using paper sheets folded; the brochures i need a solution, hope somebody might give me a hand printing some of it; animation still incomplete, then there will be the biblical premiere rendering....

h 3:55 pm:
a cup of coffee and back ond track; finishing the animation, i decided to leave out some transitions to be able to finish the animation this evening, render it tonight and show it tomorrow; i tried to install supertuxcart 0.6.2 in the 7800 machine but am afraid there are some problems with the usb-ps2 mouse that start to jump anywhere once the game starts (no, i did not updated SDL);

h 5:00 pm:
less people than this morning now, so i can focus on finish the animation; the two most common questions are: 'what is aros' and 'can i run it in a VM'; people get also pretty surprised when i show that AROS is running on both machines from a small (for today's standards) stick; guess the self-driven and amateurish nature of my intervention is visible compared in example to the printed full color brochures and projector screen of the Haiku stand in the other side; guess they are much better organized than us, i am almost the only AROS supporter around here...

The AROS booth at SCALE this morning

5:30 pm:
half hour to the closing for today of the exhibition; is interesting to see that a good amount of people is either curious of what is AROS or is still aware of the Amiga OS and they are glad it is still around;

5:58 pm:
almost wrapped it up for the day; i almost ran out of brochures and probably need to do some copies or ask someone to print it for me; will tihnk something for tomorrow; sunday; might be even more crowded ;)

Sunday 2/27:

h 10:45
I managed to make some other copies of the brochures, but this time single sided since the copies were expensive and was one of those annoying coin operated copiers; around 10:30 Jorge Mare of the Haiku stand passed by here and we talked about AROS; he was impressed on the speed of poseidon in recognizing the FAT-32 stick and in the new screen dragging on the GMA driver btw
Jorge is Argentino with italian grandparents and guess common roots helped on melt the ice;

- addendum -
It is interesting to see how many people is asking about the "Research" part of the name in AROS; in fact might be kinda ambiguous unless we came out with a better R part of the logo;

My wife joined me on the booth, at least until the two hours of free parking last; i almost ran out of brochures and live CDs again,, and had two invitations to talk; one from a computer science group on UCLA and another from a computer user group in the San Fernando Valley;

h 3:00 pm
Well am preparing myself to start dismantle; have a good amount of stuff to take out (my laptop, my wife netbook,the big fat DELL desktop, two LCD screens, speakers, a super woofer, power strip, the switch,an undisclosed amount of cables.=; the animation is virtually finished but the rendering comes out pretty crappy (blocks, dropped frames,etc) and i decided not to show it today; pity because i worked on it for almost three weeks but need to solve this last step; at least other people can use it for their introductions...

Two booths down there is the OpenShot video editor stand; i talked with one of the two developers and they told me the application is mainlt built in python using bindings to GTK and ffmpeg; i think if somebody starts to make MUI bindings for python like we have already for lua (siamiga/zulu)and ruby (zuby) it might come out something interesting... might we call a binding like that zupy?

h 4:30 pm
Seems they decided to dismantle the bvooths a bit earlier than expected, will lose the connection in few minutes, so better to go for now.

Later this evening:

So here i am at home, writing some afterthoughts: first of all let me tell you: i underestimated the cost and the commitments of having a booth at an open source convention; would love to do it again though if i find somce toto partner with since is very nice to share with others what you enjoy... have at least two persons that asked me to make talks on AROS and one company that i think is checking the feasibility to  use it in some projects; i overall gave away 40 live CDs and 120 brochures and for sure explained about aros to 30/40 people, many of those reminescent of the old Amiga; i personally think is important to show the existence of the project also in order to build some bridges.

My biggest complains are:
1) that haven't been able to get in touch with any other AROS user around; that might have been interesting also to create connections;
2) that the broadcomm gigabit ethernet is not ready yet to be used, else show the big desktop with OWB surely might have made things interesting;
3) that the animation gave me any sorta of problems; crashes in premiere, some videos with the wrong encoding, and that the final rendering was not usable at the end but i am trying to fix things and, once done, will upload it on Vimeo; can anticipate that features an appearance of Kitty, some titiling and some example from my recordings and, due to time constraints, from other AROS videos taken on youtube; I  want to thank the makers of those videos, that i listed in the end titles, and that i also shown on the booth.
4) that this year there was no buffet,just a coffee break saturday.

further addendum

I finally managed to render the animation and i uploaded it in vimeo; there i guess still some erorrs and not all transitions are set, but i guess it is already a start. Would really liked to have this ready and showing at SCALE, but guess will help other AROS evangelists out there.

Introduction to AROS v0.1 from simone bernacchia on Vimeo.




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