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9 marzo 2011
Technologies: AROS: ABI v1 and the 68k port are proceeding well...

Again a post "in progress" - so much to write and so little time, so please come back often to see how is it going :)

When i started this article,two weeks were already gone from the appearance of AROS at SCALE;  as i mentioned in the previous blog article, had finally been able to render the animation and upload it in vimeo; lately the Amiga landscape in some way emerged once again in a more mainstream environment due to several events:

first of all, the appearance of AROS in more medias than usual; the march and april issues of the PCLinuxOS magazine host a quite comprehensive review of Icaros Desktop splitted in four parts and written by Darrell 'DJohnston' Johnston; the dissertation starts with explaining how to install AROS using HdToolbox for partitioning your disk - giving also a very detailed insight on how HDToolbox works, pretty needed since the power of the tool and the usual advice from developers and Paolone not to use it unless you know how to - problem is even those Amiga users that used it in the past might have forgot; the article series goes on in installing Icaros, in examining the preference panels, the bundled software, including OWB and janus-UAE and, finally, in doing a general errata corrige and clarification about some mistakes of the last three parts and a fast glimpse at Broadway.

You can give it a look more in particular from those links:

Part 1 - Introduction to AROS, Icaros and installation

Part 2 - A fast overview of Wanderer

Part 3 - More Wanderer and an overlook at the bundled software

Part 4 - Errata Corrige, Janus-UAE and a glimpse of AROS Broadway

[AROS on techradar and PCLinuxOS magazine]

[the work on KS integration II]
[Workbook - a wanderer lite]
[and the work on ABI v1]
The focal point of this article is, though, the ongoing work in the ABI v1 that is actually made mostly by

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